Legal Consulting

Contracts, procedures and projects conducted with an accurate legal base are the key to prevent legal problems among parties. Likewise, legal precautions taken prior to the emergence of legal disputes shall be the warranty of all contracts, procedures and projects. Legal consulting services are now sought after by individuals and families in addition to companies. In this regard, in addition to consulting services we provide for companies, we administer legal consulting and preventive legal assistance services for individuals and families in their businesses and procedures, the contracts they are to sign, partnered businesses and procedures, as well as various other fields such as the management of individual and family wealth.


In law, there are numerous different fields. In order for a legal dispute to be resolved, usually many of these fields should be assessed together. Therefore, the expertise gained from actively engaging in all basic legal disciplines is as determining a factor as specializing in certain fieds of law. We offer legal services with the expertise we gained in the fields of commercial law, property law, law of obligations, inheritence law, rental law, law of execution and enforcement and criminal law; under the guidance of our long-term experience in our profession acquired by administering numerous legal actions, cases and litigations over the years.


Mediation allows parties in dispute to create their own resolutions and determine their own future. In the modern world, modern and informed individuals and establishments prefer to focus on the problem independent of people to resolve the dispute for the benefits of all parties involved, in cooperation and using creative solutions, thus creating new opportunities. Resolutions reached via mediation allow for saving time and cost, as well as bring about the advantages of completely resolving the dispute in a sustainable manner. Mediation is a voluntary process and has been issued as cause of action in numerous cases such as business law disputes in 2018, commercial law disputes in 2019 and consumer law disputes in 2020. You may employ our mediation services within the scope of cause of action as well as for private law fields suitable for mediation outside the scope of cause of action.